Mike Francesa is Back from Vacation and Not Happy About Matt Harvey Posing Nude [Audio]

By Mike Cardillo

WFAN radio host Mike Francesa, aka New York’s No. 1, returned to the airwaves Tuesday afternoon after a two-plus week vacation where he missed big story after big story, including the entire Aaron Hernandez situation as it unfolded. As you’d expect the big guy was a little cranky that he had to host five-and-half hours of radio rather than work on his tan and play golf.

Francesa has not hidden the fact he’s been a big supporter of Mets’ pitcher Matt Harvey, before everybody else in Gotham jumped on the bandwagon. That said, Francesa took issue with Harvey with posing nude in the ESPN the Magazine’s Body Issue claiming the young righty doesn’t need the attention or publicity because his performance (7-2, 2.35 ERA, 0.92 WHIP) speaks for itself.

The veteran host then compared it to Alex Rodriguez posing with his shirt off in Central Park and later Rex Ryan running with the bulls. It’s one of those rambling bits of radio that only Francesa can pull off.

Hopefully nobody has passed along  Harvey’s love of high-end fashion to the big guy.

As it is, Mike must have spent a little too much time in the sun earlier this month. Later in the show he mixed up Houston linebacker J.J. Watt with former Oklahoma politician/quarterback J.C. Watts.