Mike Francesa Denies New York Post Report About Shouting Match With Boss Over Ratings


Earlier this week, we picked up a story from longtime Mike Francesa enemy, Phil Mushnick of the New York Post. Mushnick reported that Francesa and WFAN lost a ratings period to ESPN New York’s Michael Kay, and that Francesa had a shouting match with WFAN boss Mark Chernoff over it.

Today, Francesa, who is currently on vacation, released a statement through the Twitter feed of his producer, Brian Monzo:

"“I rarely comment about that individual’s absurd and nasty ramblings. But this time I have been asked to make an exception. I have never had an argument with Mark Chernoff concerning ratings. Ever. Never. We are ten weeks into the spring book (it ends in 2 weeks) and are comfortably in front of ESPN and have been the entire spring. The other wild lies and crazy accusations were already dispelled. All very sad. Enjoy the summer.”"

The “other wild lies and crazy accusations” Francesa is referring to were Mushnick’s long-published beliefs that Mike and the Mad Dog were deeply anti-semitic in the aftermath of 9/11.

Deadspin was able to find the broadcast from 9/11, and while it wasn’t exactly a flattering portrayal, it did not include some of the specifics that Mushnick had railed about. In the story, Mushnick maintained that he knows what he heard, and that those comments came on later dates soon after the terror attack.