Mike Francesa and Chris Russo Didn't Speak For Five Months During 'Mike and the Mad Dog' Run

Ryan Phillips

Mike Francesa joined ESPN's First Take on Wednesday, reuniting with his Mike and the Mad Dog co-host Chris Russo for a feel-good morning of banter. At one point Molly Qerim brought up how the two men could argue over anything, including bathrooms, and Russo admitted that at one point while working together, he and Francesa went five months without speaking off the air.

Francesa and Russo detailed how despite doing more than five hours of radio together a day, there was a nearly six-month stretch where they didn't speak. Not during the numerous breaks in the show or outside of it. That's how angry they were with each other. The reason for the divide was never mentioned, but they only made up because Francesa's wife insisted on inviting Russo to their wedding.

Here they are discussing the situation:

Most people have had bad relationships with co-workers, that's natural. Hell, I've had them before but you suck it up, be professional and make it work. Could you imagine things getting so bad you don't speak to a co-worker for five months when you're working in the same room with them? That's a mid-90s Guns n' Roses level of bitterness.

I'm glad we can see the two men on the other side of it and seeming to legitimately enjoy each other's company.