Mike Francesa Calls Trevor Bauer 'Nutcase and Fool'; Bauer Thinks He's Killing Media

Bobby Burack

Mike Francesa is really hoping the New York Yankees don’t trade for Trevor Bauer at the MLB trade deadline. Francesa just can’t see Bauer handling New York because he is, in Mike’s words, “a nutcase and a fool.” To no surprise, Bauer didn’t like the take and blamed Francesa for traditional media dying.

This was quite the exchange as both hilariously looked worse the more they spoke. Francesa appeared to have no good reason for his take outside of the sideline psychology. Bauer, instead of defending himself, did whatever you call what he bizarrely responded with. Also, what does Bauer consider traditional media?

It has to be wondered if Bauer thought this was Francesa’s account given he called the account out for tagging him. You never know, right?