Mike Francesa Calls In As Guest to Own Show, Breaks Michael Pineda Injury News

By Mike Cardillo

For the most part it’s been a relatively quiet baseball season in New York this summer, even though the Yankees are in first place and the Mets are keeping pace with the Nationals. Things took a surreal turn Wednesday night when the Carlos Gomez trade fell apart, punctuated by Wilmer Flores’ tears.

Trades are flying across baseball, with David Price landing in Toronto Thursday afternoon. Could the Yankees be the next team to enter the market? If WFAN’s Mike Francesa’s reporting is correct, they might.

Francesa, who was scheduled to be off the air on Thursday, called in as a guest to his own show (naturally) and reacted to the Flores story, but also added a bit of news: Michael Pineda and Ivan Nova are hurting.

From CBS New York:

“I hear Pineda’s hurt,” Francesa told WFAN co-hosts Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts on Thursday afternoon. “He’s not pitching tonight, and he might be badly hurt. And I hear Nova’s hurting.”

Francesa said Pineda “could be headed to the DL” with the elbow issue.

Pineda’s scheduled start on Thursday was scratched so there’s that. The Yankees are up seven games in the division, but if the injuries to either pitcher are serious they might have to add a pitcher out of necessity. The extent of the injury isn’t immediately clear and other Yankee beat writers are saying it’s not that serious.

And if Francesa’s information is eventually proven to be faulty, it’ll be fun when callers remind him of it in the future and he does his best to deny it. Like any good reporter nowadays, Francesa at least couched himself with words like “hearing” and “could.”

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[Photo via USA Today]