Mike Francesa Calls Colin Kaepernick a Scam Artist, Promptly Forgets He Did That

Kyle Koster
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Getting people to agree on Colin Kaepernick is impossible. A fruitless endeavor best left unattempted. Getting people to agree that Mike Francesa is a content machine? Much easier.

The Sports Pope was up to his old tricks yesterday, dusting off the ol' I Nevah Said That playbook in regards to critical comments made about Kaepernick.

There's a distinction between a scam artist and someone who is trying to scam someone, but it feels like a distinction without a difference. When people speak extemporaneously for hours upon hours, they can't be expected to remember every word and phrase they use.

Though, when it's something as clearly pointed as this, it'd be nice if retention lasted longer than through the next commercial break. But hey, what do I know? I am currently in zero broadcasting Halls of Fame and don't expect that to ever change, unlike the Big Man.