Mike Brey Made Good on His Promise to Party at South Bend Bar After Final Home Game

Kyle Koster
Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Longtime Notre Dame basketball coach Mike Brey is stepping down as soon as the Fighting Irish are officially eliminated from the postseason. Or if they somehow make the most improbable run we've ever seen en route to a national championship. Either way, he was on the sidelines at home for the final time last night, and delivered an impressive victory over a ranked Pitt side. It was quite a way to say goodbye but it was not goodbye at all as Brey made good on his promise to hit up the Linebacker Lounge in South Bend for the very first time.

Here he is earlier this week sounding exactly like Stanley Hudson on Pretzel Day about visiting the fine establishment.

And here he is doing what people do at bars, having a great time and talking to everyone there who came to catch a glimpse of a guy who accomplished an awful lot in his 23 years at the helm.