Miguel Sanó Hit the Longest Dinger of the Year

Minnesota Twins v Boston Red Sox
Minnesota Twins v Boston Red Sox / Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Miguel Sanó, as we just pointed out, is an absolute problem when he makes contact with the baseball. The Minnesota Twins slugger throws his 275 pounds into a deeply convicted swing and chooses violence every single time. Last night he painted the Boston sky with a screaming rocket that cleared the deepest part of the Green Monster and would have sliced anyone in its path in half.

StatCast put it at 495 feet in distance with an exit velocity of 116.7 mph, the longest hit in the Majors this season. Which figures because a human being simply cannot strike a ball with more force. Don't believe me? Here's what Sanó's manager, lifelong Red Sox fan Rocco Baldelli, had to say:

“I thought it might be one of the 10 furthest balls ever hit in this stadium. And I haven’t seen even a small portion of the home runs hit in this stadium, but I don’t know how a human being can hit a ball much further than what Miguel Sanó did today.”

With the latest titanic blast, Sanó now has the first, third, and fifth longest dingers of the baseball season. There is no existing award for such an achievement but there probably should be. If we can't honor our most prolific mashers with golden tape measure or bronze ax or something, why even play the games?