VIDEO: Ref Steps In and Intercepts Snap Before Punt During Michigan-Wisconsin


College football Saturday always brings something weird and unique that even long-time college football fans have never seen. Such is the nature of a sport played by 18-22-year-olds.

Michigan-Wisconsin had one of these moments, but instead of a player doing something never before seen, it was a referee. In a nice change of pace, it wasn't an egregiously bad call, but something a bit more light-hearted. After attempting to stop the snap of a punt in the fourth quarter, a referee stepped in and intercepted the snap to prevent the play from going on. All in all, it was impressive.

Absolutely outstanding form there. He could've been back there himself, about to boot that ball down the field like the Wisconsin punter. Usually the refs will just let the play unfold and reset after everyone settles down, but this ref doesn't want to be at this blowout any longer than he has to.

A true man of the people.