Michigan State's Look for the Michigan Game Is Making Me Nervous

Kyle Koster
Michael Hickey/GettyImages

Rivalry Week can do strange things to brain chemistry and Michigan State fans are really going through a roller coaster in advance of Saturday's mammoth matchup with fellow unbeaten Michigan. On one hand, the Spartans have a sophomore quarterback playing above his perceived ceilings in Peyton Thorne, much like Connor Cook did in the magical 2013 year, a legitimate Heisman Trophy contender at running back and game-breaking wide receivers. Plus a defense with a penchant for forcing clutch turnovers and bending enough to never truly allow opponents to land a death blow.

On the other, there's the line, which is the Wolverines by four suggesting Michigan would be a full touchdown favorite in Ann Arbor. It's a bit confounding and genuinely concerning because it suggests the first seven games have been fool's gold and there's a rude awakening due at the hands of Jim Harbaugh. Always, always unpleasant.

Vibes were further complicated this morning when the Spartans revealed their unique look for the content, complete with green helmets.

On one hand, very cool. Mel Tucker has been on his game with the catchphrases, The Woodshed being the best among them. You put Relentless on a helmet and you better keep winning. Nothing would be worse than seeing that gem down two scores in the fourth quarter.

Again, all this stuff doesn't really matter. And deep down fans know it doesn't. Still. A very unsettling week for a blogger desperate for a statement win this weekend.