Michigan State's Kicker on Game-Winner: "I F***ing Nailed It!" [AUDIO]

Kyle Koster

Michael Geiger’s 41-yard field goal helped Michigan State shock Ohio State on Saturday and vaulted the Spartans back into the national title hunt. The junior kicker, who has struggled this season, was understandably fired up after the boot.

In an on-field interview with Spartan Radio Network’s Keith Nichol, Geiger gave a candid recap of the events.

"“I got the one earlier,” Geiger said, referring to the kick he made as Ohio State called a timeout to ice him. “Next kick up, and I (expletive) drilled it!”"

It was a different type of post-game honesty than Ezekiel Elliott’s — but no less ruinous to America’s children.

The outburst should surprise no one. Does this look like a guy who edits his emotion?

Didn’t think so.

[Via Detroit Free Press]