Michigan State Finally Put Gruff Sparty on the Helmet

Kyle Koster

Life is hard but underneath the noise is the steadying if unremarkable truth that if you simply survive long enough, you'll see stuff you never thought you'd see. For instance, Gruff Sparty on a Michigan State helmet. This was the type of thing Spartans fans would lament: that this goofy-looking dude would never have the privilege of seeing the field for a string of three-and-outs and turnovers inside MSU's own red zone.

But dammit. State went and did it. Gruff Sparty is taking the trip to Happy Valley this Saturday for a battle of extremely beatens. And my man looks pretty good. At the very least, he's displaying the grim determination needed to win on the road in the Big Ten. Simply put, it looks like he's seen some stuff, including several car-boosting jobs that went south.

Did MSU Twitter bully the powers-that-be into this? Is bullying good? Who's to say?

As a test, let's see if we can force the highlighter jersey series to rest forever in the trash heap, where it belongs. Be a real shame if we never saw them again.