Michigan Lost A Commitment Over A Thank You Card


Georgia defensive tackle Aubrey Solomon (who, yes, needs to charge his phone) walked back on his commitment from Michigan. According to a 247 Sports report, the decommitment resulted from a mailing mistake. Michigan purportedly sent Solomon’s mom a thank you card for attending their BBQ (they didn’t) and spelled his name wrong on the card.

“A day or two ago, they sent my mom a card thanking us for going to the Michigan bbq, but we never went,” Solomon said. “I do not know which recruit they were talking to, but it was not me. It was just a little heartbreaking, for me to supposedly be so high on their list, for them to confuse me with someone else. Plus they spelled both of my names wrong after I told them, but that was not the main issue. I guess they do not have tabs on me.”

Solomon has not ruled out Michigan, but plans to consider other schools, notably in-state Georgia. We suspect a Michigan athletics department intern may be receiving a tongue lashing delivered with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind.

This may sound crazy. But, 17-year-olds are not always sure where they want to attend college. Some “commits” are firmer than others. Solomon is a top 100 overall defensive tackle from a major SEC recruiting state. Per the report, he did not consult his mother, who really liked Georgia, before committing. That was going to be a tough recruit for Michigan to hang onto.

We’ll leave all fanbases involved with a reminder. Don’t contact teenage boys over social media. It’s creepy.