VIDEO: Michigan Fullback Ben Mason Penalized For Cheap Shot on Illinois Defender

Liam McKeone
SMU v Michigan
SMU v Michigan / Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

This year of Michigan football has been anything but smooth sailing. Wolverine fans looked to be in for an easy afternoon early on during Saturday's matchup with Illinois, though; the offense was rolling without much diffculty and the defense wasn't having any trouble with the Fighting Illini offense.

Not everything was going well, though. Fullback Ben Mason was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct after this extremely unnecessary post-whistle hit on an Illinois defender.

Yeah, not great. This is a bit unusual for Mason, who is your typical fullback who plays his butt off between whistles and keeps it clean otherwise.

It ended up being a big penalty, and Michigan was forced to attempt a field goal after marching down to the 11-yard-line with ease. They ended up missing the field goal. They're still going to walk away with this one, but this is not what Jim Harbaugh is looking for.