Michigan Cancels Maryland Game, Gets Single-Helmet Picture

Ryan Phillips
Michigan v Utah
Michigan v Utah / Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images

Michigan has cancelled its football game against Maryland this weekend due to COVID-19 issues within its program. And, immediately, the Wolverines were given the single helmet picture treatment:

Immediately people came out of the woodwork claiming the Wolverines were waving the white flag on their disappointing season. Attention immediately turned to their scheduled matchup with Ohio State next week.

During the College Football Playoff rankings reveal show Tuesday night, Kirk Herbstreit claimed he thought Michigan would find a way to get out of playing Ohio State. He implied Jim Harbaugh & Co. would fake COVID-19 concerns to avoid playing the Buckeyes. That would keep Ohio State out of the Big Ten title game because they wouldn't have played enough games to qualify. Herbstreit quickly took to Twitter to apologize for making that statement, explaining he had no evidence to back it up.

Well, noted clown Danny Kannell tweeted this right after Michigan canceled its game:

I'm sorry, but if Michigan is having coronavirus issues it should cancel its game this weekend. Health and following protocols are the most important thing here. And if Ohio State was worried about not playing enough games this year, the Buckeyes should look in the mirror. They had to cancel their game at Illinois last week because of an outbreak in their own program.