Michelle Jenneke Releasing a Stretching App, Complete With "fun down at the beach"

By Mike Cardillo
Stretch! With Michelle Jenneke
Stretch! With Michelle Jenneke / Stretch! With Michelle Jenneke

Michelle Jenneke is about to get downloaded. From the description of the above video:

"“Join me as I show you through some fantastic ideas to get you through a thorough warm up and cool down as well as stretching your body from top to bottom. Not only will we work on your flexibility, we will also have some fun down at the beach as well”."

The app is called “Stretch! With Michelle Jenneke” and it will teach you how to stretch. And have fun at the beach. This is probably the most important app ever created. I assume most people will gladly pay $9.99 (a month) to find out how Michelle Jenneke limbers up. She’s going to be so rich.