Michelle Beadle Slammed First Take On Twitter Over Ray Rice Coverage

By Ty Duffy

Michelle Beadle watched her colleagues on First Take this morning. Like most with a functional cerebral cortex and a sense of decency, she was not impressed. She decided to make this fact known on twitter.

ESPN on ESPN criticism is always a bit shocking. Then there’s the fact First Take producer Jamie Horowitz was also the man who “discovered” Michelle Beadle and gave her the initial co-host spot on Sportsnation. The show has faced ample criticism from outside, for blatant race baiting and other malfeasances. This may be the most notable shot from within the company since Bill Simmons attacked a segment in March 2013, which earned him a Twitter suspension.

Given the context of this critique, we’d guess ESPN lets this one slide publicly (at least on Beadle’s end) and waits for it to go away.

UPDATE: Here is the video of Stephen A. Smith we believe she was referencing. Smith helpfully reminded women of their responsibility to not “provoke” wrong actions. Good lord…how is this show still permitted to handle anything weightier than LeBron free agency?