Michelle Beadle & Matthew Barnaby: An ESPN Love Connection

By Jason McIntyre

Michelle Beadle, a rising star at ESPN, and Matthew Barnaby, a former NHL player who is a hockey analyst for ESPN, are dating. After a reader tipped us off to the budding ESPN romance earlier today, we asked Beadle if it was true. She confirmed they’ve been dating for six months and noted that ESPN was made aware of it in the Fall of 2010.

The reader in Buffalo, who wishes to remain nameless, put it together the old fashion way – by connecting the dots on their twitter accounts. Beadle was at a youth hockey tournament in Buffaloyesterday. So was Barnaby! His son was playing.

Beadle said a few other readers who follow both of them on twitter noticed the connection. If you feel like looking for clues, apparently they’ve been out there on twitter since December.