Michelle Beadle Indicates She Will Be on ESPN NBA Countdown Next Season

Ryan Glasspiegel

Michelle Beadle, responding to someone who tweeted a video of commentary she had about Kawhi Leonard on Get Up while all the weirdness was happening between him and the Spurs, appeared to rebut a recent report from Sports by Brooks that she is off NBA Countdown:

“Pumpkin” is a nice touch here.

When Brooks’ report came out, ESPN sent the following statement: “Our whole NBA team is doing a great job and remains focused on an incredible NBA Finals and tomorrow night’s Game 6. We have made no decisions about what we are doing next season. After the season, and as we do with every sport, we will sit down and plan our entire NBA content offering across platforms.”

ESPN’s statement didn’t exactly read as a denial — Beadle is in the midst of a long-term contract, and you’d think if they had 100% made the decision to keep her in the NBA Countdown role they’d say so. Or, perhaps no final decision had or has been made either way. Rachel Nichols and Maria Taylor have been rumored as potential new hosts for Countdown for months.

A proverbial splitting of the baby could conceivably happen as well, where Beadle remains a host of NBA Countdown, but does not host every show. After football season and through the NBA playoffs, the show can be on up to four times a week and it’s hard for it to have distinctive flair.

We shall see what announcements emerge in the coming months after ESPN sits down and plans their entire NBA content offering across platforms.