Michael Wilbon Calls Out Tony Kornheiser For Sleeping Through Nationals' Late Rally

Kyle Koster
Wild Card Round - Milwaukee Brewers v Washington Nationals
Wild Card Round - Milwaukee Brewers v Washington Nationals / Will Newton/Getty Images

If a person lives long enough, they'll see it all. For instance, last night, something good happened for the Washington Nationals in October. A late rally and inexplicable hop catapulted the Nats into an NLDS matchup with the Los Angeles Dodgers. The three-run rally in the eighth was as exhilarating as anything that's happened in the franchise's history.

And Tony Kornheiser missed it because he fell asleep. That's per his Pardon the Interruption co-host and longtime needler Michael Wilbon, who put his business out on the streets.

Wilbon promising to "pound without mercy" on this afternoon's episode is perhaps questionable phrasing, but a public flagellation is definitely warranted. October makes heroes and goats out of all of us. Getting sleepy-eyed at, like, 10:15 p.m. during a winner-take-all game is very regrettable.

Also, and not to call anyone's fandom into question, but being able to nod off during the pressure cooker that is postseason baseball hardly seems possible. Especially when it's Your Team living and dying with every pitch.

Kornheiser will have some explaining to do, but no defense is going to help him dig out of the hole.