Michael Wilbon Once Bit David Aldridge in Press Row at a Bulls Game

Liam McKeone
Michael Wilbon
Michael Wilbon / Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Michael Wilbon shared a singularly bizarre story today about his adventures in the press row at Chicago Bulls games back in the 90s. Wilbon has been featured in ESPN's The Last Dance as one of the prominent sports media members who covered Michael Jordan (in Wilbon's case, for the Washington Post) in his heyday. It just happened to work out that Wilbon is also a native Chicagoan who would die for the Bulls.

Apparently, digging up those old memories also revealed a few fun tales, one of which Wilbon deigned to share with us via his Twitter account. The setting is 1991, and he's sitting next to David Aldridge. There's no way you can be prepared for what's coming, so just sit back and watch:

I, too, was speechless. The image of a young Wilbon crunching down on a young Aldridge's suit is absolutely not one I thought I would have in my head today. Yet here we are.

I imagine Wilbon had to buy Aldridge many a present for biting all the way through the damn thing. What a pair of chompers he must have to get through suit fabric. Reliving Michael Jordan's final season brought us content involving Michael Wilbon's incisors. Who would've thought?