Michael Thomas: 'No Way' Tony Romo Should Make More Than 90 Percent of NFL Players

Liam McKeone
Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas / Sean Gardner/Getty Images

In case you missed it, Tony Romo signed a gigantic deal with CBS to remain with Jim Nantz as the network's lead broadcast team for the foreseeable future. Romo's deal will reportedly pay him $17 million annually for at least the next three years, and can stretch up to 10 total years.

Romo's yearly salary is more than most NFL players will make in any given year. New Orleans Saints standout receiver Michael Thomas isn't a big fan of that discrepancy, and said as much on Twitter following the Romo news:

The NFL is a massive, massive industry and there's plenty of money to go around in every area imaginable. I'm not sure any CBA concession by the owners will help balance out how much money the players get vs. how much an asset like Romo will get, but Romo is unique in his ability to draw eyes to the television without being on the field. CBS is paying him as such.