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Michael Thomas Subtweets Drew Brees' Arm During NFC Championship Game

Stephen Douglas
Drew Brees and Michael Thomas during happier times.
Drew Brees and Michael Thomas during happier times. / Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers held Michael Thomas without a catch last weekend as they beat the New Orleans Saints to advance to the NFC Championship Game. Drew Brees was pretty bad and after the game it was revealed that he had been dealing with a whole list of injuries. And now he's probably retired, which means even his most loyal teammates can safely criticize the face of the franchise in a semi-indirect way. Here are some of Thomas' thoughts while watching the NFCCG from home.

Maybe Thomas was just auditioning for an analyst gig and was just marveling at the play of Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers winging the ball down the field. Or maybe he was trying to explain why he didn't have a catch last week, even though he was out there with an injured ankle that will likely require surgery.

The question is, who is the help that is on the way? They have some serious cap issues to deal with before they can get any serious assistance for Thomas.