Michael Strahan Appears to Call Out Skip Bayless During Damar Hamlin Segment on 'Fox NFL Kickoff'

Liam McKeone
Michael Strahan
Michael Strahan /

An eventful morning at Fox Sports got even more eventful as Michael Strahan appeared to call out Skip Bayless on Fox NFL Kickoff. The show discussed Damar Hamlin, who is on the path to recovery and will be able to watch today's Bills game from the hospital, and Strahan said there was somebody with the network who did something "inhumane."

It is pretty clear he's talking about Bayless' tweet about Hamlin, which has been a contentious point of discussion since Monday and resulted in an incredibly awkward Undisputed opening on Wednesday.

Bayless' tweet didn't sit well with the general public which is simply the cost of doing business when you employ Skip Bayless. But it is clearly a big issue with his coworkers, and that makes it a much bigger problem.