Michael Kay Thinks Gerrit Cole Should Throw at Josh Donaldson

Ryan Phillips
Michael Kay
Michael Kay /

Josh Donaldson and Gerrit Cole are in a bit of a feud after the Minnesota Twins third baseman accused the New York Yankees right-hander of cheating. Cole fired back on Tuesday, essentially saying he wasn't happy with what Donaldson had said. On Wednesday, Michael Kay got in the mix and escalated things.

Kay took to his show and -- while saying he wasn't advocating for it -- essentially said Cole should throw at Donaldson when they two faced each other tonight. To quote Kay, "You wanna talk? Try talking with a broken rib." Yikes.

Here's video of the segment:

Now, Kay is claiming that this was Chris Carlin's idea not his, then proceeded to expound on it. He took things to another level, and while saying "please don't think I'm advocating for it," he went and advocated for it. He also started off the segment by saying, "I'll tell you what, what Michael Kay's player would do," before launching into the idea of hitting Donaldson.

Here's a novel idea, why doesn't Cole just strike Donaldson out and prove that his stuff is legit and not the product of Spider Tack? That's how he could prove a point. Intentionally attempting to injure someone is a ridiculous response to this situation.