Michael Jordan Fought Back Tears While Explaining Why He Was So Hard on Teammates

Ryan Phillips
Michael Jordan playing for the Chicago Bulls in 1998
Michael Jordan playing for the Chicago Bulls in 1998 / MIKE NELSON/Getty Images

Michael Jordan was notoriously hard on his teammates during his NBA career. Episode 7 of The Last Dance aired Sunday night and delved into the way he treated his fellow Chicago Bulls teammates. The end of the episode featured an incredibly human moment.

Jordan fought back tears as he explained why he was so hard on those around him:

That's a really a great moment and maybe the best sequence in the entire series so far.

While that moment was great, Episode 7 was the first time I felt like The Last Dance delved into pro-Jordan propaganda. It heavily glossed over his reasons for leaving the NBA to go play baseball, then essentially apologized for his bullying of teammates.

I get why, in his mind, he had to treat his teammates the way he did. That doesn't excuse the behavior.