Michael Jordan: Rare 1994 Chicago Pickup Basketball Footage Has Been Unearthed

Stephen Douglas
Michael Jordan facing a double-team.
Michael Jordan facing a double-team. /

Michael Jordan retired for the first time in 1993 after the Chicago Bulls beat the Phoenix Suns for their third straight title. While Jordan took up baseball, he did not completely stop playing basketball. Jordan would apparently play with civilians at Chicago's Athletic Club at Illinois Center. At one point a regional sports network called "SportsChannel Chicago" sent a camera crew down to capture Jordan in the wild.

Then someone from the network gave the uncut video to a buddy and it remained dormant on VHS in his basement until The Last Dance encouraged him to find it and put it online. Sports Illustrated actually spoke to some of the people featured in the full videos, including the guy in the Scottie Pippen jersey. You can watch the full videos below.

It's fascinating to see Jordan running with all these regular people. At 6-foot-6, well after the Detroit Pistons had assaulted him enough to convince him to take working out seriously, he doesn't really stand out in the blurry footage until he decides to go by someone with minimal effort or shoot that familiar jumper.