Michael Jordan Has a Content Guy Who Pulls Up Highlights When He's Trash Talking Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett explaining Michael Jordan's content guy.
Kevin Garnett explaining Michael Jordan's content guy. /

Kevin Garnett was on Jimmy Kimmel Live the other night and he turned in his best performance since Uncut Gems. Garnett told Kimmel about the time that he trash talked Michael Jordan early in his career. Garnett had previously told the story of what happened in the game on the All The Smoke podcast a year ago, but this time he shared a new detail about how Jordan still brings it up to this day.

That part is great. I doubt Jordan has one person in charge of carry around highlight packages, although if there's anyone who would do it and can afford it, it's Michael Jordan. Whether Jordan's friend is pulling videos up on YouTube or just has every game of his career on a tablet he's in charge of carrying around, that is pretty funny.

Then there's this breakout clip which reveals(?) that Kevin Garnett is a huge Kenny G fan. To the point that Kimmel brought him on as a surprise and KG geeked out about it.

All in all, a great interview for KG. If only he'd reacted to Jordan the way he had reacted to Kenny G. He'd be dealing with a lot less mental anguish these days.