Rod Thorn Debunks Myth that Michael Jordan Kept Isiah Thomas Off the Dream Team

Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson at the 1992 Olympics.
Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson at the 1992 Olympics. / KARL MATHIS/Getty Images

Rod Thorn was the NBA's Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations from 1986 to 2000. The Basketball Hall of Famer helped construct the 1992 USA Men's Olympic Basketball team which would become known as the Dream Team. Isiah Thomas was not a part of the Dream Team and the rumor has always been that Michael Jordan refused to play if Thomas was involved. Today Rod Thorn appeared on Golic & Wingo and debunked the myth.

So how do you justify keeping Thomas off the team? I mean, he was the 1990 Finals MVP and a two-time champion! Maybe because Jordan wasn't the only one who hated Thomas and the Pistons. Maybe nobody wanted to play with him. Maybe that can be the next thing the Pistons whine about for the next three decades instead of accepting the place in history they so clearly desired while they were playing Bad Boys basketball.