Jeremy Roenick Tells What May Be the Perfect Michael Jordan Story

Kyle Koster

Jeremy Roenick looks like a guy who has a bunch of good drinking stories, which seriously, I mean as a compliment because who wouldn't want to hang out with a person who has a bunch of good drinking stories? He shared one on the McNeil & Parkins Show Friday, providing delight for everyone in the Chicago area. Now, through the magic of the internet, you can enjoy it too.

In short, Roenick says he golfed and gambled with noted golf and gambling enthusiast Michael Jordan sometime in the spring of an unspecified early 1990s year. Jordan lost the first round, then wanted a chance to earn his gentlemen's wager back. Roenick won the second round as well.

At this point, they'd been golfing and drinking beer all day, as one does. Jordan then had to go to his job as a basketball player, which seems ill-advised.

Roenick, realizing the Cleveland Cavaliers could benefit from all the pre-game festivities, joked about placing a bet against the Bulls. Jordan, in his self-assured way, let it be known his team would be winning by 20-plus.

Then, according to Roenick, MJ went out and scored over 50 in an easy victory.

This is like the healthy person's Wade Boggs story. Aspirational, really.