Michael Jordan Scored a Career-High 69 Points Against the Cleveland Cavaliers: This Day In Sports History

Stephen Douglas
Michael Jordan #23
Michael Jordan #23 / Joe Patronite/Getty Images

Michael Jordan scored a career-high 30 years ago today in a 117-113 overtime win over the Cleveland Cavaliers. Jordan scored 69 points on 23-of-37 shooting in 50 minutes. He also grabbed a career-high 18 rebounds to go along with six assists and four steals.

To give you an idea how monstrous this performance was, it was one of just 38 times in NBA history a player has had more than 60 points and 15 rebounds. Wilt Chamberlain did it 30 times. Elgin Baylor did it three times. Jordan, Shaq, George Mikan, Karl Malone and most recently James Harden are the others.

This was the last year where people could point and say Jordan wasn't a winner. The Bulls would lose to the Detroit Pistons in the postseason for the third-straight year. It was Phil Jackson's first season as coach, but it would be Jordan's sixth consecutive trip to the postseason without winning a title or even making the NBA Finals.

If only we could have heard the commentary from the social media era applied to a perennial loser like Michael Jordan as he led the league in scoring for the fourth consecutive season with no titles.