Brooks Koepka Talks Losing Golf Bet to Michael Jordan, Smack Talks Bubba Watson

Ryan Phillips
Brooks Koepka at The PLAYERS Championship - Round One
Brooks Koepka at The PLAYERS Championship - Round One / Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Brooks Koepka joined the Dan Patrick Show on Tuesday and had a fantastic appearance. The highlights of the interview were a story about losing a golf bet to Michael Jordan and when he took some playful shots at Bubba Watson.

Check out the full interview below:

Koepka opened his Jordan story by admitted he trash-talked "His Airness" and wound up paying for it. Koepka said, "He shut me up pretty quick." He went on to detail how he was up on Jordan late in their round. As they approached the 17th tee, Koepka said something to the six-time NBA champ, and Jordan looked at him and said, "It's fourth quarter baby, I don't lose." Jordan went on to win 17 and 18 and Koepka had to open his wallet.

He also took a shot at Bubba Watson when discussing if players could survive playing 18 while carrying their bags. When Patrick asked who wouldn't make it 18 carrying their own bag, Koekpa said, "I actually don't think Bubba would. Bubba would be complaining how heavy the bag is the entire time. I love the guy but there's no way he makes it around 18 with that bag."

Shots fired!

It was a really good interview and made Koepka a whole lot more likable. It's worth noting he recently made a $100,000 donation to a COVID-19 relief fund: