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Michael Irvin Goes On Extensive, Sweaty 'First Take' Rant About Dallas Cowboys

Liam McKeone
Michael Irvin
Michael Irvin /

The Dallas Cowboys beat their rivals on national television last night, taking down the New York Giants on Monday Night Football. Cooper Rush played surprisingly well yet again and the defense came up big when it mattered most. Such a win means many Cowboys fans around the country are taking victory laps. Michael Irvin certainly did on Tuesday's First Take.

The former wideout flew off the starting blocks as soon as he was given the floor and went on an extended rant about the glory of the Cowboys, sweating profusely throughout. At one point a producer had to come on set and give him more paper towels to contain the rivulets of sweat on his face. It was tremendous television capped off by Stephen A. Smith and Keyshawn Johnson failing to contain their laughter at the absurd performance art their colleague was putting on.

Honestly, I lost the thread of what he was trying to say several times. Simply in awe of the soap boxing on display. Very rare we see a non-Stephen A. character come onto the show and hold the audience in such rapture. I don't know what was in his coffee this morning but the Hall of Fame wideout was ready to jack the energy level to 11 immediately.

At least Irvin remembered his glasses today.