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Michael Irvin Comes Dangerously Close to Spontaneously Combusting While Praising Dallas Cowboys

Kyle Koster

Michael Irvin, a paragon of neutrality and calmness, was on First Take today reacting to the Dallas Cowboys' resounding victory over the Los Angeles Rams with the magical, undefeated Cooper Rush. He provided level-headed analysis, noting that it's still very early and championships cannot be won in early October.

Just kidding. He launched into a prolonged rant as though he'd just ingested Flubber and forced everyone watching, both in the Seaport studio and at home, to straddle the line between being entertained and being a bit concerned about the energy being expended.

Now, to be sure, this is excellent television. It's still a bit humorous to see such passion and conviction when the question is whether you believe in the Cowboys. Because of course Irvin believes in his former team. And he probably should because of what that defense, led by the incomparable Micah Parsons, is doing to opponents. It's not impossible to imagine them winning the Super Bowl. It's really not.

But in the end it's a subjective, personal prompt. Plus, a person can believe in a lot of teams to this point. Just off the top of my head, I probably believe in 8-10 teams. And that number will change with more information. We're still weeks ahead of people purchasing their Halloween candy.

Irvin knows what's expected of him, though, and should be credited with always delivering the goods. One of these times he's going to actually levitate and fly out of the room while continuing to give takes like some sort of Superman. All the more reason to keep tuning in.