Michael Irvin Embarrasses Himself Playing Pictionary

Brian Giuffra
Michael Irvin drawing.
Michael Irvin drawing. /

For all of the talents Michael Irvin possesses, drawing is not one of them. Whether NFL Network producers knew that and decided to make a fool of Irvin on purpose anyway or not is unknown. What is known is you do not want Irvin as your Pictionary partner.

During NFL GameDay this morning, they decided to play a game where Irvin drew pictures representing different NFL players and his fellow analysts had to guess the correct answer. Irvin stepped to the whiteboard with marker in hand and had about the worst performance imaginable.

Given 30 seconds, that was the best Irvin could come up with for Steelers receiver Chase Claypool. Neither Kurt Warner nor Steve Mariucci could figure out what the oval with the stick figure on one side and squiggly lines in the middle was. Shocking.

Lest you think it was a one-time mistake, here's what Irvin came up with for Taysom Hill and Baker Mayfield.

Just an embarrassing performance for a man who hasn't had many of those on television before.