VIDEO: Michael Irvin Got So Sweaty Yelling About the Dallas Cowboys

Kyle Koster

Michael Irvin and Stephen A. Smith shouted about the Dallas Cowboys this morning on First Take. The passion ran hot. So too did the studio, as the Hall of Fame wide receiver was able to work himself into a noticeable lather.

Now, surely you're thinking that this blogger is probably taking some liberties and Irvin wasn't that sweaty. Your skepticism is healthy. But let's go to the video tape.

Fellas. Fellas! It's just a game!

A decent person has to be concerned with Molly Qerim on mornings like this. There's a non-zero chance some of that perspiration took flight and became a hazard. And then there's just the pure attrition of sanity that sitting so close to such wild shouting can take over time.

Thankfully the NFL season is almost half over. Every Monday we're in real danger of losing one, if not both, of these titans of debate to a fit of spontaneous combustion.