Michael Irvin Admits Tom Brady-Dak Prescott Rumor Didn't Start Within Cowboys Organization

Brian Giuffra
Michael Irvin and Jerry Jones.
Michael Irvin and Jerry Jones. / Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Michael Irvin ruffled some feathers when he suggested "significant people" were discussing the Cowboys potentially trading Dak Prescott and signing Tom Brady this offseason.

Irvin never said who those "significant people" were, which led to speculation it was Jerry Jones and the Cowboys executive brass. Apparently not.

Ok, so basically Irvin just admitted the "significant people" aren't significant at all. If they were, they would be involved in the talks at a team level; you know, people who actually could make this idea a reality. Instead it appears the significant people are about as significant as you or me when it comes to getting this deal done.

Of course, Irving works for the NFL Network and is a legend in the game. His significant people are, likely, significant within the NFL world. But that doesn't mean they can get Jones to trade Dak and sign Brady. In the end, only Jones can make that call, which doesn't seem likely with Dak in the beginning of the prime of his career and Brady entering the final stretch of his.