Michael Felger Claims Bill Belichick Won't Like Cam Newton Celebrating, Belichick Disagrees

Michael Felger of Felger & Mazz
Michael Felger of Felger & Mazz /

Michael Felger took to the air on Tuesday wanting to know how the New England Patriots would handle Cam Newton's penchant for celebrating. Unfortunately, he wound up looking like an idiot.

Felger told his Felger & Mazz co-host Tony Massarotti that head coach Bill Belichick wouldn't want Newton celebrating after plays in New England and that's part of what makes the Patriots great. Unfortunately for Felger, a guy named (...checks notes...) "Bill Belichick" seems to disagree with that assessment.

Here's what Felger had to say about Newton and how the Patriots will feel about him:

Man, it would suck for Felger if there was a clip where, say, Belichick encouraged his players to show emotion and celebrate after great plays, right? I mean, that would be seriously embarrassing ... Roll it: