Michael Dickson's Enormously Important Dropkick Onside Kick Was a Total Disaster

By Henry McKenna

No one knows what Seattle Seahawks punter Michael Dickson was trying to accomplish on his dropkick during the final moments of their loss to the Dallas Cowboys in the wild-card round on Sunday.

With the game on the line and the Seahawks in need of a successful onside kick, Seattle turned to Dickson with kicker Sebastian Janikowski dealing with a quad injury.

Dickson did … this:

He booted the ball about 30 yards into the air, which made for stunningly easy kick to field. Receiver Cole Beasley caught the ball and fell to the ground. I’d like to think he then looked for a “that was easy” button.

Frankly, it was somewhat remarkable the Seahawks found themselves in that position. The Cowboys scored a touchdown with 2:08 left in the game, which put them ahead by 10 points. The Seahawks then somehow countered by scoring a touchdown and a 2-point conversion within the next 50 seconds, and suddenly had a fighting chance, if they had converted the onside kick.

But of course, they did not. They lost, 24-22.

Dickson tried an onside kick earlier this season during the Seahawks’ Week 2 loss to the Chicago Bears. The attempt looked a lot more like a traditional onside kick attempt. The ball bounced like a typical onside kick, but Chicago fielded the ball cleanly.