Michael Crabtree's Contract Demands Must Be Way Too High


Michael Crabtree, an unemployed wide receiver who has failed to eclipse 618 yards receiving in each of the last two years, just got a contract offer from the Arizona Cardinals. Apparently, it wasn’t enough. Not sure what Crabtree wants to be paid to play football, but, solely based on production, an offer of any value for the 10-going-on-11-year veteran received should have done the trick.

The veteran minimum for someone with Crabtree’s experience is $970K. Last year, Crabtree had 607 receiving yards and three touchdowns, ranked No. 69 in the NFL for yards and T-94 in receiving TDs. Jordy Nelson had as many TDs and over 100 more receiving yards than Crabtree. He just retired.

Crabtree’s contract last year with the Ravens totaled $8 million, including his signing bonus. That was No. 32 in the league. Clearly, he didn’t live up to that number.

Now the Cardinals are apparently interested in paying him actual money to play football again. That’s surprising, though there’s no way to know exactly how much they offered. Based on his production the last couple of years, Crabtree should be paid around $2 million, so $1 million over the veteran minimum. That would make him the 79th-highest-paid receiver in the league ahead of guys on rookie deals like Juju Smith-Schusterand Cooper Kupp.

Perhaps Crabtree has delusions of grandeur when it comes to this contract, which will likely be his last. But if he’s smart, he’ll take one more payday, no matter what the offer is.