Michael Block Hits Hole-In-One On the Fly at PGA Championship

2023 PGA Championship - Final Round
2023 PGA Championship - Final Round / Andrew Redington/GettyImages

Michael Block is the feel-good player of the week at the PGA Championship and his fairytale story just got even better during the final round on Sunday. On the 15th hole at Oak Hill Country Club, Block hit an improbable hole-in-one and landed it on the fly. It was an incredible moment for the 46-year-old who has spent most of his career as a club pro who teaches golf lessons in California.

Check out the shot:

The fact that he didn't know it went in, then didn't believe it, made it all better. The high-five and hug from Rory McIlroy was the cherry on top.

Block made headlines this week by making the cut at a major for the first time in his career. He had tried at the U.S. Open twice and this was his fifth shot at a PGA Championship. A PGA professional who is the head pro at the Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club in Orange County, CA.

No PGA professional has ever earned a top 10 at the PGA Championship. After that shot, Block is even four the tournament and tied for 14th. It's within reach. If he finishes in the top 15 he'll earn an invitation back into the PGA Championship at Valhalla next year.

Block has charmed everyone this week. Here's his reaction to learning he'd be paired with McIlroy in the final round:

Just such a fantastic story.