Michael Bisping Would Be Happy to Fight Either Logan Paul or Jake Paul

Stephen Douglas
Michael Bisping
Michael Bisping / Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

Logan Paul and Jake Paul are really into celebrity boxing right now. They have legions of impressionable fans willing to pay to see them fight so the money is good. So far they have been successful in making money and headlines, so there is no reason to believe it will stop anytime soon.

While most of the brothers' fights have come against fellow Viral Video Factories, Jake Paul, fresh off a starching of Nate Robinson on the Mike Tyson-Roy Jones Jr. undercard, is trying to lure Conor McGregor out of retirement. Meanwhile, Logan Paul has somehow set up an exhibition bout with Floyd Mayweather.

One of these two has also contacted the management of former UFC champion Michael Bisping.

At some point, one of these kids is going to get hurt. They're going to make a lot of money doing it, but they're going to get hurt. Mayweather might do it in February. McGregor might do it. Bisping sounds like he wants to do it. You have to wonder what happens when someone does do it.

Maybe this isn't that much different than Jackass. They even did a variation of celebrity boxing with Butterbean.

Maybe the Paul brothers deserve credit for doing the most high-profile, lucrative stunts that involve full training camps. Anybody can get knocked out by Butterbean in the middle of a department store. It takes a very different mentality to sell it live without guarantee of something that spectacular happening.