Michael Beasley, Barely 28, Led a Bucks Comeback Against the Spurs

Stephen Douglas

Giannis Antetokounmpo missed a game on Sunday and was limited to just 9 minutes on Tuesday against the Spurs because of an illness. That has meant extended minutes and extra shots for Michael Beasley. On Sunday, Beasley went for 18 in a loss. On Tuesday, Beasley had 28 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists in a Bucks comeback win over San Antonio.

I knew Beasley was hanging around on the Bucks’ bench this season, but when I looked him up I was surprised to see he just turned 28 on Monday. All of his per-36 numbers are above his career averages and he has some pretty solid numbers – when he’s actually playing in the NBA.

It’s hard to believe he was drafted 2nd behind Derrick Rose nine years ago. Considering where each guy is right now, I think the Bucks are better off with Beasley. And considering the guys drafted behind them – Russell Westbrook, Kevin Love, Eric Gordon – are all considered to be in their primes, it’s possible this could be the start of a Michael Beasley renaissance. Or he’ll be back in China playing with Jimmer Fredette by the end of the season. Either is a real possibility.