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Michael A. Taylor Performs Sorcery, Robs Home Run

Kyle Koster

The Kansas City Royals and St. Louis Cardinals are easing into the work week with Monday afternoon baseball. These games can be a bit sleepy and the engine sometimes fails to get kick-started. KC centerfielder Michael A. Taylor had no trouble, however, conjuring the requisite energy and fearlessness required to snatch a would-be Andrew Knizner homer with a remarkable leaping grab.

It wasn't quite as spectacular as the Gary Matthews Jr. catch, yet it has a lot of the same DNA. Not sure we'll ever see one exactly like that again.

Robbing a home run must be an incredible feeling. Would love to do. Just not sure I have the knees anymore. Or a team desperate enough to players to throw someone with such an athleticism deficit out there. Watching others do it might be as good as it gets.