Miami Herald Employees Working From Home Until Real Estate Market 'Sorts Itself Out'

Kyle Koster

In a letter to readers posted this morning, The Miami Herald announced it is moving out of its offices in August. Most employees have been working remotely since the COVID-19 pandemic caused a great retreat from public spaces.

"As the business model in our industry continues to change, and due to the economic impact of the coronavirus, we continue to face severe financial headwinds. In this move, we are investing in people over place to ensure our readers receive the level of coverage and accountability throughout South Florida they expect each day from our talented journalists."

"We know that the office space of today is not what the office space will be for tomorrow as it relates to social distancing and keeping our employees safe. For that reason, Miami Herald and el Nuevo Herald employees will continue to work remotely through the end of the year. After the New Year, once the commercial real estate industry has sorted itself out with regard to new standards and approaches, we will find a new, centralized home."

One of the many things I am not an expert in is commercial real estate. But, just as a layperson, this seems like it could be a semi-permanent solution. There are still seven months remaining in 2020. And it's not like you can find a great spot for a newspaper company on a Monday and have all the stuff moved in by Friday. There are -- I imagine -- several steps involved.

There are very little bright sides where the worlds of journalism and economics intersect. Yet there's a chance that realizing production doesn't suffer with more people working from home and reducing some housing overhead could help the bottom line at places like the Herald going forward.