Miami Columnist Prefers Satan to Colin Kaepernick Under Center

Kyle Koster

NFL teams would rather have Nathan Peterman, David Fales, Keith Wenning, and Ryan Nassib for a quarterback than Colin Kaepernick. Here’s a list of 80 or so other guys who have been signed as free agents while the former San Francisco 49er sits on the sidelines.

At this point, anyone could get the call. Even … could it be … Satan? That’s a situation in play for Miami Herald columnist Armando Salguero when it comes to the Dolphins.

Salguero’s disdain for Kaepernick is well-known. Still, preferring the actual Devil to a polarizing political figure is a strong take. Many people don’t care for Kaepernick while also conceding that he’s not as bad as Beelzebub.

Satan under center would undoubtedly be a risk. While he may pass for 666 yards every game, odds are he’d be terrible in the clubhouse. Seems like a difficult guy for a head coach and front office to rein in. Also, he could have some fringe beliefs that cause an off-field issue.

One benefit to Miami would be the heat and, like always, the favorable state tax situation.

We’ll keep an eye on this but the Dolphins are unlikely to sign either over the offseason.