Mexican Wrestler El Hijo del Perro Aguayo Passes Away After Match With Rey Mysterio


Perro Aguayo Jr. passed away early this morning after sustaining injuries in a multi-man match in Mexico which included former WWE star Rey Mysterio Jr. There is video of the match here. Chillingly, the stunt (around the 6-minute mark) did not appear to be any more dangerous than a lot of moves that we routinely see in pro wrestling.

As PW Mania notes, the Mexico-based AAA and CMLL wrestling promotions confirmed the death:

According to Google Translate, the first tweet reads: “The grief overwhelms our hearts again. Rest in peace, Son of Perro Aguayo.”

And the second: “The CMLL joins [with the sadness] felt by the Luchist community for the regrettable death of the Son of Perro Aguayo.”

This is an enormously sad tragedy, and our thoughts are with Aguayo’s family.

[H/T Jason Skelton]