Mexican Soccer Fans Threw Beers at American Soccer Fans Celebrating a Tie & Chanting "U-S-A"

Stephen Douglas

The United States Men’s National Team went into Azteca last night and escaped with a hard-fought and fortunate 0-0 draw. Since we share a border, some American soccer fans also made the trip to Mexico City for the game. In these videos you can see beers thrown from Mexican fans towards the visiting USMNT supporters. In typical American fashion, the thrown beers were met with defiant “U-S-A” chants.

Update: At least one fan was hit and cut with something thrown at fans.[Instagram via @chr31ter]

High off the sugar rush that is a tie in soccer, American fans chanted, “This is our house,” in both American and Mexican English and Spanish as they exited the stadium.

The action continued all the way outside the stadium as the Americans further diversified their chants with “Estamos Unidos” and a sing-songy, “You’re not going to Brazil.” I can’t help but think the chanting and beer throwing would have had a different conclusion if the American fans were not surrounded by walls of Mexican police.

[h/t Herbie]