Metta World Peace Called For Five Fouls in a Minute, Thrown Out of Italian Playoff Game Following

Espulsione Metta - Venezia - Cantù Playoff Basket 2015
Espulsione Metta - Venezia - Cantù Playoff Basket 2015 / Luke Duke

Ron Artest, who changed his name to Metta World Peace, but now goes by “The Panda’s Friend” – it even says it on the back of his jersey – was thrown out of an Italian basketball game Wednesday. Whatever-he-wants-to-be-called-now is currently playing for Pallacanestro Cantù in Lega Basket Serie A. I’m dealing with a lot of Italian here, so this is my best understanding of what happened:

Ron Metta Panda’s team has already been eliminated from the playoffs, but they were still playing games for some reason. Panda’s Friends’ teammate took a hard foul. There was a scuffle, which was broken up, and then the former NBA player got involved. Teammates had to hold him back. Based on the official play-by-play, Artest was called for five (5!) fouls in less than a minute. At that point he was asked to leave. No word on which country Artest will take his ambassadorship to next.