Mets, Jets Pay Tribute to Eli Manning By Purchasing Newspaper Space

Kyle Koster
Classy. / Michael Brown/Getty Images

It was a big week for classiness in the New York sports ecosphere. Derek Jeter was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Eli Manning retired after a .500 career in which he did things the right way. Tributes came fast and furious.

In times like these it's important to remember this 1976 New Yorker cover, which is truly evergreen. It's also important to remember we'll eventually come out the other side.

Anyway, the Jets and Mets, seeing an opportunity to get some positive press in the city's dailies, purchased valuable real estate in the Post to congratulate Manning on his upcoming free time.

Pretty cool to think Manning retrieved his paper Tony Soprano style this morning, bathroom hanging loose, and was surprised when leafing through on his way to the horse racing agate.

If you're keeping score of Class Gestures at home, the Jets are the clear winners. It's no surprise the notoriously tight with money Mets couldn't ante up for a full-page ad. Perhaps things will be different by the time Daniel Jones hangs up his cleats.